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Your Home Inspection Includes:

-Roof and attic
-Foundation/ grading
 -Kitchen and bath
 -Plumbing system
 -Electrical system
 -Heating and cooling systems

The home inspection is a thorough inspection of the home's condition and its operating systems at the time of the inspection.  A complete walk-through is performed with the home inspector to review all issues that were found during the inspection along with recommendations for solutions. A detailed report is written up on site and is given solely to the client/buyer.


Convenient scheduling

-Short notice and/or immediate inspections available*
-Scheduling seven days a week and holidays
Every effort is made to reply promptly.
Email: safeguardhome@gmail.com  Preferred

Phone : 978-902-3374 

The EPA recommends that every
home be tested for radon. 
About Radon:
  -Virtually every home has some level of radon 
  -Radon is a odorless and colorless naturally occurring gas found all over the planet.
  -The EPA projects up to 21,000 people a year will die from lung cancer caused
       from radon
-There are very specific instructions and protocols when it comes to radon testing, 
    which routinely get either ignored, dismissed or foiled by current occupants.           
  -Do not just trust anyone with your radon test, including yourself.
  -Many of the do-it-yourself kits are not reliable if the tests are not handled properly.  
  -Our testing first informs and educates you on the health risks associated with 
    radon gas.  Our tests utilizes duplicate sampling devices which help to get a   
    better reading than just one device typically found at local hardware stores. 
  -The testing is performed by a NEHA-NRPP certified radon measurement provider.

It is recommended that you visit the EPA website  to find out all relevant information before receiving a radon test.  


EPA Map of Radon Hot Zones-click here

Electrical service/system



Plumbing system